Karan Aujla confirmed the music video of ‘Sharab’ from BTFU with Harjit Harman a long ago

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Karan Aujla has become the talk of the town with the release of his first ever music album in the Punjabi Music Industry, BTFU. The audio versions of all the songs have been released and now the audience awaits the music videos of the songs.

While the music video of Chu Gon Do ? and Click That B Kickin It have already been released, the music video of Here & There, directed by Rupan Bal, has been announced to be releasing on 23 September. Rest of the music videos still remain a mystery. How many videos will be out, which of the songs will have music videos and countless such questions.

But one of them had been answered by Karan Aujla a long while ago. In an interview after the release of the opening track Chu Gon Do ?, the superstar revealed that the music video of the song ‘Sharab’ will surely be made. The star said that it was his dream to work with veteran singer Harjit Harman. When he reached out to the artist, to Karan’s surprise, he agreed immediately. Karan Aujla was finally ready to make his dream collaboration come true.

And we got the fruit of the long wait. The dream collaboration resulted in making one of the best songs from the BTFU album and a song that will surely light up many weddings all over the country. The audio version of Sharab has received immense love from the audience and it is confirmed that it will have a music video released, featuring Harjit Harman along with Karan Aujla.




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