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Justin Trudeau welcomes Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce

A group of entrepreneurs have joined hands to form a new organisation, Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce (CHCC), which is aimed at the “unification of Canadian Hindus and their economic interests”.

The aim of the people behind formation of the Chamber is to provide “unified and effective representation” to Hindu businesspersons.


    1. CHCC is the first Chamber of Commerce in Canada to be dedicated to the unification of Canadian Hindus and their economic interests.
    2. Hindus have long been the backbone of the Canadian Economy despite never having unified and effective representation.
    3. The Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to becoming the vehicle of expression, representation and improvement for the Hindu Business community in Canada.

The formation of the CHCC was welcomed by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a message delivered at the inauguration of the Chamber.



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