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Jee Ni Hona’: Rox A presents a new romantic anthem

The wait is finally over and the romantic duet ‘Jee Ni Hona’ by Rox A and Tanvi Nagi has hit the internet. As the teaser promised, the song is drenched in romance and is sure to strike a chord with the audience.

Featuring the tale of a couple who are relishing little joys of life together, the video of the track will leave a smile on your face. The beautiful lyrics by Kavvy Riyaaz are very relatable and thus, any couple can connect with the song in no time.

Certainly, the voice of Rox A and Tanvi Nagi have helped in creating the magic here. At the same time, Rox A also steals the credits for the track’s music, compose and mix.

Source Times of India



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