Jass Manak track ‘Suit Punjabi’ trends at number three on YouTube

Jass Manak, who is known for his remarkable song Prada recently came up with new single, Suit Punjabi, which is currently trending at number three on YouTube.

Featuring Jass Manak along with Satti Dhillon, the song showcases Manak smitten by the beauty of Satti in the video. Also, he is shown perfectly describing the beauty of Punjabi outfits through his fondness for the lady, who happens to be his love interest in Suit Punjabi.

Sung as well as composed by Jass Manak himself, Suit Punjabi, has been written by Avvy Dhaliwal.

Meanwhile, the video has crossed 16 million views within a short span of three days, from the time it came online on official YouTube channel of Geet MP3. Also, the numbers seems to increase rapidly, which shout loud of the success of this Punjabi number.