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Investigating ‘assaults’ on officers: Surrey RCMP


Surrey, February 14: Mounties in Surrey are in the process of gathering evidence against a number of people who allegedly assaulted officers, as well as the registered owners of vehicles they say broke past their barricades and violated the Motor Vehicle Act in other ways .

The probes stem from clashes with RCMP, who had set up roadblocks and barricades to prevent vehicle traffic from getting too close to the Pacific Highway border crossing on Saturday during a “Freedom Covoy” protesting COVID-19 public health measures, with many participants also expressing anti-government sentiments.

“We are investigating several incidents where people bypassed blockades, ran through blockades, individuals who assaulted police officers by pushing, shoving and attempting to remove police officers from blocking vehicles,” said Surrey RCMP Sgt. Elenore Sturko.

“It is not acceptable and we will investigate these acts that’ve placed both the public and our police officers at risk.”

On Sunday, a handful of people were arrested near the border itself, where several people had stayed overnight at an encampment that began on Monday, but it was a far cry from the clash the previous afternoon when hundreds of people had followed big rigs and a military-style vehicle to the border.

Sturko pointed out that it’s not as easy as arresting everyone or towing vehicles that may be breaking the law.

“The reality is there are times when our officers are surrounded by hundreds of people, so we have to act strategically,” she said.



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