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Indian Embassy in Ottawa issues advisory for affected students

Ottawa, August 26: The High Commission of India in Ottawa has issued an advisory for Indian students enrolled in Canadian universities and colleges whose visa applications have been delayed, urging them to contact the concerned Canadian institution/university and work with them to find the best available options.

In a public advisory, it was stated that, “We have received several petitions regarding Indian students who have been admitted to Canadian educational institutions/universities, but are unable to join the academic courses due to delays in processing of their visas and student permits.”

However, the High Commission of India in Ottawa and Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver continue to be engaged with the relevant Canadian interlocutors including Canadian academic institutions and universities regarding problems faced by Indian students due to delays in the issue of visas, the advisory stated. Additionally, they have requested Canadian authorities to expedite the processing of visa applications for students from India, the advisory added.

The Canadian institutions have given a set of guidelines for the High Commission of India in Ottawa regarding the situation. “Some institutions will provide a remote option for students unable to reach Canada at the start of the term because they have not yet received visa. Students can contact the university/ institutions to find out which courses have a remote option and to discuss their options in case some do not,” the advisory stated.

Additionally, the advisory urged affected students to send a request for information and urgent processing through an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) online form meant for study permit applications that have been submitted and completed but have exceeded the current processing time for Student Direct Stream (SDS) scheme.

It also noted that universities have contingency plans in order to support those incoming students who do not receive their study permit in time to be present on campus when term begins in September.

It was in a series of tweets that the Canadian High Commission on Thursday, August 18, shared that thousands of Indian students were receiving their visas every week and that it would continue to make every effort to reduce the wait time.



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