Chandigarh, October 31: The state government has made clear its intent to involve legal services authorities across the districts in its ongoing drive against buses and other vehicles steering clear of law. An assertion to this effect came during the resumed hearing of a case before the Punjab and Haryana High Court against illegal plying of buses.

Transport policy

Punjab Additional Advocate-General told Justice Rajan Gupta’s Bench that a special traffic checking drive had been undertaken.
Referring to an affidavit filed by Punjab State Transport Commissioner Balwinder Singh Dhaliwal, he said enforcement officers conducted checking of illegal vehicles plying on the road from September 6 to October 17.
As many as 216 buses were challaned for offences and 16 impounded out of 694 checked. He also assured the Bench that immediate action contemplated under law would be taken, if complaint was received from any citizen.
Responding to the assertions, the petitioner’s counsel pointed out that certain buses challaned even for the third time were allowed to ply after payment of meagre fine. It was violation of Section 192-A of the Motor Vehicles Act. Elaborating, he said a vehicle challaned for the second time could not be released by the court in ordinary course.
Faced with this situation, the state counsel submitted that request would be made to the secretary, legal services authorities, of the districts concerned, to associate them with the drive as and when checking was undertaken.
The petitioner, Dhillon Transport, had initially moved the High Court for initiation of action against illegal operation of permit on the Sardulgarh-Bathinda via Rori-Surtia route. The petitioner had contended that the operation was being carried without any timetable, as required under Section 72(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act.
The High Court was told that there was no check on the state’s part to stop the operation of unauthorised buses. The counsel also suggested setting up of an independent agency to conduct random checks.

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