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Hundreds of people gathered in support of women impacted by decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Calgary, June 4: Hundreds of people gathered Sunday afternoon in Calgary and Edmonton to support women impacted by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to end constitutional protections for abortion.

A pair of rallies took place at the Alberta Legislature grounds in the provincial capital and a march in Calgary.

In Calgary, the group marched from Harley Hotchkiss Gardens to Olympic Plaza, making their voices heard by chanting things like, “my body, my choice,” and holding up signs with strong messages about a woman’s right to choose.

“It’s a healthcare risk. It’s an economical risk. It’s going to have a huge impact across the states, and I think that we need to get ahead of it here in Canada before our Conservative government decides to do something similar,” said Kennady Jones, lead organizer of the Calgary march.

Jones said it’s a big concern as her family has a history of risky pregnancies. She views abortions as healthcare and said having one saved her life.

“I had what they called a septate uterus which means it wasn’t a healthy environment. The fetus would not have survived, and also my life was at risk. Had I not had that abortion in a 12-hour window, I would have died,” she said.

“I believe that a human life is more valuable than a clump of cells.”

In Canada, abortions are legal and are covered by public health insurance.

When the case was overturned just over a week ago, Alberta’s Health Minister Jason Copping said there won’t be any changes in the province despite what happens in the U.S.

“Those services were offered previously, they’re offered today, they’re going to be offered tomorrow,” he said at the time.

Currently, the procedure is only offered in Calgary and Edmonton, except in medical emergencies.



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