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‘High End Yaariyaan’ reinforces importance of bonding, coming Feb 22

‘High End Yaariyaan’ is a story of three friends – Jassie Gill, Ranjit Bawa and Ninja. Releasing on February 22, ‘High End Yaariyaan’ is the first outing of Jassie Gill in the year 2019. Besides Jassie Gill, the movie stars Ranjit Bawa and Ninja in the lead and is based on the trio’s friendship that goes through a rollercoaster of time.

Ranjit Bawa took to his Insta to remind movie buffs about the release of the movie on February 22. Does the fact that the post has drawn close to 1.48 lakh views within a couple of hours indicate that the movie will be a hit?

Giving a peep into his role in this Pankaj Batra film, Jassie says he plays the role of a rich spoilt brat, who is in England for studies. The other two, Ninja and Ranjit Bawa stay together in the same house and the story is all about their relationship and how it evolves over time. “My character doesn’t understand friendship that well initially, but as the story unfolds, I get to understand the important of relationships in life.”

Whether the three had bonded well during the shoot, Jassie said, “I and Ninja used to talk a lot earlier also, it’s just that we had never met properly. This movie helped us get to know each other. Initially, Ninja felt left out as I and Ranjit have known each other for many years now. We go back a couple of years as when my first song came out, Bawa was also prepping for his track and we used to live together in Chandigarh. So, it was natural for us to gel better during the movie, but then gradually we became bum chums.”



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