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Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…HEALTH REASONS to have sex!

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Do you believe that you are living a viscous circle that will never end? Are you stressed and worked up all the time? Well, if this sounds familiar then we have the simplest solution for you. You will need no therapy, gadget or research to fix this problem. All you need is a roll in the hay daily. You heard us right. And we give you plenty of health reasons, so that by the time you read the last one, you will be fully convinced.

1. Burn calories for free

Sex can be fun and also a great exercise. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, just have sex every night. One session of sex works all your muscles and makes you flexible and strong.

2. Gives you a toned and slim body

Since sex exercises your body, you are bound to have a slim, toned and thin body. Regular sex keeps your hormonal levels in check and prevents you from putting on weight.

3. Your life span increases

So in other words, have more sex, look younger and live longer. The positive effects are far too many to be ignored. You will cut out the stress from your life, wake up fresh and feel happy that you are alive.

4. Sex is the best anti-ageing treatment

Regular sex can make you look ten years younger. You get to have sex and look young, what else do you want?

5. You sleep like a baby

If you keep tossing and turning in bed, then you must try having sex every day. Your body will be able to relax much better after this pleasant exercise. The orgasms will make you sleepy and look forward to the next night.

6. You can keep cancer at bay

Men lower their chances of prostrate cancer if they have sex regularly. The regular exercise and ejaculation keeps their family jewels in good shape.


7. You get super strong pelvic muscles

When you have sex, you work your back, core muscles and your quads. But most importantly you strengthen your pelvic muscles. Can you think of a more interesting way to build your muscles? On a serious note, regular sex helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction and women with weak pelvis.

8. Ladies, you will have regular periods

If your periods have been erratic, all you need to do is take out more time for yourself and tempt your partner more. The stress will lessen and in turn fix your hormones.

9. Gets rid of body aches

If your body is stiff or you have pain and migraine, then instead of popping a pill, get laid. The exercise will only do you good and help you relax instantly.

10. It will keep your heart healthy

When you have sex, you burn calories which in turn keeps your heart healthy. Men who have regular sex have 45% less chances of having a heart disease.

11. Sex lowers your blood pressure

Even a quickie can help lower your blood pressure and relax your body. Sex definitely affects the diastolic pressure in a good way. Want to get healthy, have more sex!

12. It boosts your immunity

People who have sex more than three times a week have high levels of antibodies than those who don’t have any at all. And there are reports to prove that people who have sex often are less prone to colds and flus.


13. No other exercise like it

If we tell you to work out, you might stop reading this further. But when we tell you that having sex thrice a week is equivalent to burning 7500 calories, you will give it a second thought.

14. Sex is known to cut down stress

After a long day at work, nothing will relax you more than sex. And for your information, when we have sex the body produces endorphins, which create a calming effect and spread a feeling of happiness.




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