HC lawyer makes Pollywood debut with “Khiddo Khundi” movie

Punjab High Court lawyer Harpreet Sandhu has made his Pollywood debut with Punjabi film “Khiddo Khundi”. Harpreet Sandhu plays a brief role of Sports Doctor in this movie that promotes our national game of Hockey. He also gave legal advice during the making of the movie to the Producers of  this film.

“Khiddo Khundi” movie, that released last Friday, features Punjabi singer/actor Ranjit Bawa, Mandy Takhar, Manav Vij, Elnaaz. It has been produced by UK based NRI’s Talvinder & Kavanjit Singh Hayre and has been directed by noted director Rohit Jugraj.

Harpreet Sandhu said that ‘Khiddo Khundi’ is a Punjabi film depicting the real spirit of sportsmanship which lies in the idea of ‘if you think you can, you can and is about a rural sport known with this name in the local native language since 17th century — meaning the game played with stick and a ball (‘Khido refers to the ball made of pieces of discarded cloth, and khundi to the hooked wooden stick), which Indian field hockey is believed to have originated from. He further said that this film will promote our national sport Hockey. He said that working in the film has been of interest for him.

Source: http://www.babushahi.com