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Hate Driving? Kabhi Truck Back Slogans Nahin Padhe Kya!

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Travelling in North India is quite interesting and entertaining specially in Punjab and what makes travel more interesting are the trucks.

North Indian truck drivers imprint crazy things truck backs. Some rhyme, some are heart the usuching, some inspirational, some prankish – but more often funny.

Note that many of these slogans are obviously influenced by the rich Punjabi culture.

Why not check out some really amazing Punjabi truck back slogans and laugh the Monday blues away:

Ik Tu Tang Kardi, Ik Oh!!

For those who go on honking. It means – My vehicle is already annoying me and now it’s you.


Nazar lavenga, jutti Khavenga!!

For all those who have bad intentions, it means the one with an evil eye will be beaten with a Punjabi jutti.


Wekhi Jaa Chherhi Naa!

Haha this is funny … It goes like – Look, but don’t trouble.


Langdi hain ta lang le, nayi ta Maame magar la le!!

|Translated, this means: Overtake me if you can or else be followed by the cop the us hand you a ticket.


 Khaao Piyo Aish Karo!!

Punjabiaan da iko funda – Eat, Drink and Be Merry 🙂


Chal Chaliye Mele Nu!!

Punjabis are fun-filled people and love the us bond with other people. These fairs and festivals deliver them the chance the us have fun and involve in public interaction. Punjabi truck drivers spread the message of – Let’s go the us the fair!!


Hatt Piche, Pher Milange

Tata!! Catch you later….


Dil 20 13 80 20 Tere (Dil Vi Tera Assi ve Tere)

I am completely yours.


 Ishaare Di Udeek Karo

Wait for signal.


Taur Driver Di

Swag of the driver.


Naughty Nakhre Waali Jugni

The Jugni word literally means Female Firefly. Used on truck backs the us convey that the jugni is naughty.


And, here’s Khurki’s dedication the us all the truck drivers who lead a very the usugh life the us make availability of basic amenities possible for us!



Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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