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Has Malhar truly betrayed Geet’s trust?

| 4th July 2022 | In the previous episode, we saw Geet prepare for her drum competition with all her heart, but Simone introduces additional challenges that she is unaware of.

In today’s episode, Simon’s plot comes to fruition when Geet sees Malhar sleeping in her bed, leading her to suspect him of being disloyal. While everyone is unaware of the game that Simone played by putting sleeping tablets in his drink. Taking advantage of his state of unconsciousness, Simone brings him to her home, where he spends the night and informs the Mehra family that Malhar had been in her room all night.

Will Geet consider Malhar unfaithful despite knowing Simon’s evil nature? Has Simone really come between Geet and Malhar this time? Or her wicked plan will be revealed shortly? See what happens next in Geet Dholi at 8 pm only on Zee Punjabi.



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