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Harbhajan Mann’s son to release debut song soon

Avkash Mann, the son of popular singer-actor Harbhajan Mann, will be releasing his debut single titled ‘Away’ on Friday.

The young artiste has received training in singing, acting and writing from Langley Fine Arts School, University of Toronto and the New York Film Academy.

He has put his talents to use in ‘Away’, which he has composed, written and sung. The English pop single has elements of alternative R&B.

“‘Away’ is a song that emerged from a passion of singing and songwriting of several years. In the past 18 months, the music industry has changed drastically,” Avkash said in a statement.

“The prominence of streaming has made the publishing and distribution of music from artiste to fans easier than ever. With that in mind, I just want to put my art out into the world and hope that it finds a place in the minds and hearts of people it reaches.”

Harbhajan shared that from the time Avkash was a child, he was always encouraged to pursue his studies and then explore any kind of profession he desires.

“As he always wanted to be an artiste, I am proud that he spent his due time training in the various crafts he is interested in and is now ready to embark on his artistic journey on his own terms. My best wishes are with him,” said the proud father.

Source Times of India



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