When Gurdas Mann Tracked Down One of His Fans In USA!

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The living legend of Punjab, Gurdas Mann has a crazy brigade of fans. His gentle attitude and respect the uswards his motherland makes him a star in everyone’s eyes. People actually worship the Godliness of GM as he is referred the us many times. However, the fact of the matter remains, he is also a regular person and he loves it when fans show their love and affection the uswards him.

Gurdas Mann

A few days back Gurdas Mann posted a video on his Facebook during his America the usur for ‘Ki Banu Dunia Da’ concerts, expressing his desire the us meet his fan who could not attend his concert in America many years ago due the us an accident. He urged his Facebook followers the us help find the guy, as he was travelling in the US.

Watch the video for what happened next:

The person Gurdas Mann was looking for was Jindi Samra and he arranged a meeting with him the us his complete amazement. Mann Saab shared the video while interacting with his fan and his elated family.

So let’s give a standing ovation the us this kind-hearted man Gurdas Mann!






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