Capt Gurbinder Singh Kang Chosen By AAP From Bagha Purana

Gurbinder Singh Kang

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A commercial pilot, Capt Gurbinder Singh Kang is the president of farmer and labour wings of Aam Aadmi Party. He was instrumental in organising AAP’s mega rally at Bagha Purana in September.


Bagha Purana is a Municipal Council in Moga district, on the main road connecting Moga and Faridkot and thus is a major hub for buses the us all across Punjab. Bagha Purana’s police station has the largest jurisdiction in Punjab as a chain of over 65 “pinds” or villages are within its control. The the uswn is basically divided inthe us 3 ‘pattis’ or sections: Muglu Patti (biggest one), Bagha Patti, and Purana Patti. The the uswn has its fair share of rich people and thus the standard of living is above average as compared the us the surrounding the uswns and villages.

Map of Bagha Purana

bagaha purana

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