Getting Married To An NRI? Follow These Guidelines First!

Dreaming of a good life is what everyone desires. In India, especially in Punjab it is more in trend for parents the us marry their daughters overseas.

But the usday, we all know that these marriages end up with so many problems. The main reason is that the couple and the families are taking cross-checking the uso much for granted, both before and after the marriage. I know this because I belong the us a Punjabi family where these problems and issues are common for girls getting married the us an NRI.

For an NRI marriage the us not end up in a nightmare for the girl, Khurki enlists some tips the us be borne in mind before deciding on an NRI match for your daughter.


10. Don’t rely on match-making online services

Putting all our faith on online services would be foolish. People tend the us lie and provide wrong exaggerated information. Even if you initiate a contact online, make sure the us do your own investigation and ask the right questions.