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Get ready to watch Zee Punjabi’s top shows which will take the suspense level to new heights

| 18th September 2022 | The Punjabi audience has been exposed to Zee Punjabi’s vibe thanks to the amazing television programmes Geet Dholi, and Nayan-Jo Vekhe Unvekha which feature hatke characters and depict hatke thoughts and storylines. These shows have made suspenseful and intriguing plots which always keep viewers hooked on the screens.

In the upcoming week in Geet Dholi, Geet will be seen competing in a Dhol competition, but there is someone who would go to great lengths to steal all the happiness from her life. At the Mehra home, on the other hand, Geet is confronted with a new situation where her family is on the verge of disintegrating and she has a great responsibility to keep the family together under any circumstances. So, Watch Geet Dholi every Monday-Friday at 8 pm to see how Geet overcomes difficulties while trying to win the competition.

On the other hand in Nayan-Jo Vekhe Unvekha, Nayan is expected to eventually receive the love confession from Devansh in the upcoming episodes. Devansh knows about Nayan’s powers, on the contrary, the viewers are also aware that Devansh has grown fond of her. As a result, they may soon be seen getting closer after Nayan proves her truth to him which will give the show a more interesting twist. So, get ready to tune in to Zee Punjabi for a week full of surprises and entertainment.



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