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Students forced to attend classes in waterlogged rooms in Patiala

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Patiala, July 26: Students of Government Elementary School at Bahadurgarh continue to attend classes in waterlogged rooms. The stagnant water surrounding the school is leading to unhygienic conditions for the school staff.

The building has already been declared unsafe by the district administration. The strength of the school is around 280.

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One of the teachers requesting anonymity said, “It is difficult to teach students in such conditions.The building also has faulty wiring.”

“Even though it had rained one day ago but the classrooms remain to be waterlogged. It creates a danger of the classroom becoming a breeding ground for vector-borne diseases,” she said.

A staff member alleged that the current passing through damp walls in classrooms posses risk to students and faculty.

“We have informed the higher authorities about this but to no avail. This is not the first time. It has become a routine affair, whenever it rains,” another teacher said.

According to a district education department report, there are 946 elementary schools and 375 higher and secondary schools in Patiala. Around 200 schools require immediate renovation, says the report.

District education officer (DEO) Kamal Kumari said, “The matter has not been brought to my notice.” The DEO has assured to look into the matter at the earliest.

“We have prepared a list of unsafe school buildings and also divided it into different categories, including the ones that require immediate renovation,” Kumari said.

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