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For how long Nayan will keep her secret from Devansh?


15th MARCH 2022 In the most recent episode of the show ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha,’ the audience will be surprised to learn that Devansh’s grandfather also opposes Nayan after Rita is hospitalized and regards him as a suspect; additionally, Devansh’s uncle refuses to file an FIR to investigate the truth behind the mishap.

Nayan has a vision that Devansh’s life is in danger, but the tale takes a dramatic turn when she rescues Devansh, but her mother-in-law intentionally drinks the poisoned milk to show off her love for Devansh and is brought to the hospital after she collapses.

At the hospital, where all the family members are worried about Rita, Devansh blames Nayan for all the problems in his life. In order to keep her secret concealed, Nayan tells grandfather that Devansh’s dead mother Mamta warned her of danger to Devansh in her dream the night before, but no one believes her.

With the unexpected change of events, the Khurana family is confused as to how Nayan was so convinced that the milk was poisoned, raising the issue of how long will the family remain unaware of Nayan’s premonition abilities. Will her family still embrace her after they get to know the truth about her supernatural ability? Keep watching ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ from Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM exclusively on Punjab’s favourite channel Zee Punjabi so you don’t miss a single glimpse of what’s going to happen next.



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