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Ferozepur student gives innovative idea to control stubble burning

Ferozepur, November 12, 2017:  Students of local DC Model School, Ferozepur Cantt came up with an innovative technical ideal to solve the crucial problems being faced in the state to control the pollution due to stubble burning.

An innovative technical idea through the model was displayed at the Edu-Carnival by Pranav – a 10th class student along with his classmates – organized at the local DC Model School, Ferozepur Cantt.

The challenges were thrown open to the students to assess the creative ability in attempting such solutions and discover their potential as the future innovators of India.

The converting of stubble in other forms without creating pollution was conceptualized on the lines of proposing solutions for global warming, climate change and resource crisis and other challenges which have been constantly bothering the progress of a country like India.

Stubble burning is a burning issue these days not only in Punjab but in the adjoining states and in Delhi caused due to giving fire to the crop residue in the field itself resulting in high level of suspended particulate matter (SPM) and smog – a mixture of smoke and fog.

Pranav along with his classmates –  Kartik, Hardik and Tanisha of 10th class displayed a model showing the circular array of reflecting mirrors which were arranged in such a manner that every mirror reflect the sunrays to a central reactor.

Biomass – waste agricultural residues, forest residues and municipal waste – can be used as raw material for pyrolysis to generate liquid, gaseous, and solid fuels. Solar radiations are allowed to concentrate on central reactor containing biomass which converts the biomass to solid, liquid and gaseous fuel. The sufficient temperature required to convert the biomass into fuels is 500oC. Such high temperature can be achieved by using several concentrated solar reflectors without adding any pollution in the air, said during the interaction.

During discussions with the researchers about this innovative idea, Dr Rajiv Arora said, initially the idea is good to control the alarming polluted atmosphere this year but our governments don’t give any heed to the new ideas.  The idea of young generation must be taken on trial by keeping special budget provisions and some of them may prove useful in the times to come.

He further said, under the ideal conditions, only initial capital investment is required and there is no operating cost for converting the biomass to fuels.  Another advantage of these fuels is the lower environmental pollution as there is no sulphur present in the biomass.

Such unit if comes to the required expectation during the trial would be the great relief to make the state pollution-free, he added.

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