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Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Every thing you need to know about education and health in Alberta

Education and health are those two things that are a priority for everyone! First lets talk about the education facilities that Alberta offers!


Alberta has an excellent education system, with many options based on language or religion.

Kindergarten to Grade 12

Children living in Alberta must attend school from ages 6 to 16. Public education is free for those under 20 years of age, up to the end of senior high school – K to 12.

Most students attend school from early September to late June. A wide range of schools are available, such as public, Catholic, Francophone, charter, and private, offering innovative programs such as home education, online schools, and alternative programs.

Provincial tests ensure that the highest standards are maintained. These tests also allow teachers and parents to determine how students are doing and what help they may need.

Post-secondary education

Universities and colleges

With 26 universities and colleges, Alberta has many post-secondary options. The Alberta government subsidizes tuition fees, and the cost varies across the province. Institutions post tuition costs on their websites.

Learn more about post-secondary education in Alberta.

Technical training

Post-secondary options in Alberta include polytechnic institutes such as the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton.

These institutes offer certificates, diplomas, applied degrees, apprenticeships and continuing education programs related to trades and technical work.

Key reasons to study in ALBERTA

Guaranteed Quality Programming

Every program meets the highest quality standards for international student programming in Canada.  Higher education institutions that admit international students meet strong oversight and quality requirements.  Learn more about quality standards in Alberta.

A Magnet for Talent and Innovation

Alberta’s research facilities, employment opportunities and commercialization initiatives attract the best and brightest people from around the globe.

Over $800 Million in Sponsored Research Funding

Creating solutions to global challenges and improved quality of life.

Life Changing and Life Saving Research

Some of the world’s top discoveries have taken place right here in Alberta.

Work and Immigration Opportunities

Alberta has opportunities for you to work while you study and after you graduate – and immigration pathways to citizenship.


Health care cost and access

Alberta has no health insurance premiums, but you must register. Most people living and working in Alberta get free access to medical clinics or hospitals and most medical services covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Alberta’s health care system gives people access to:

  • hospitals and clinics
  • a variety of social support services
  • qualified physicians and health care workers



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