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Elections B.C. can check ‘questionable’ tactics in leadership selection: Indo-Canadian community

Leaders in British Columbia’s Indo-Canadian community have said the recent controversy surrounding B.C. Liberal party memberships would not be happening if a third-party organization such as Elections B.C. was given an ‘overlooking’ role in political party leadership elections.

Long-time B.C. Liberal Barj Dhahan said, “Punjabi-Canadians are a demographic that loves politics and because they have traditional loyalty towards family and friends, this community is able to sign up a large number of members over a very short period of time. It does not mean their memberships are illegal,” said Dhahan.

Six of the seven B.C. Liberal leadership campaign teams demanded the party audit close to half of its new memberships over concerns that rules were not being followed. Fingers were raised on addresses that were not residences, including one on a forest service road.



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