Vancouver, June 16: A search of a home in Surrey that found drugs, a loaded gun, illegal cigarettes and thousands in cash led to the arrest of nine people, police say.

The Surrey RCMP announced the seizure in a statement Wednesday, saying the home was “identified by officers who were conducting proactive enforcement.”

Mounties provided a list of the items found when searching the home in the Whalley neighbourhood on June 3. It included over $12,000 in cash, fentanyl, methamphetamine, hydromorphone pills, cocaine, and 3,800 packs of cigarettes. The gun was a prohibited semi-automatic rifle, police said.

All nine people have been released. No charges were announced and they were not identified.

“Actions of officers resulted in weapons, drugs, and contraband being removed from our streets, and a suspect facing multiple criminal charges in the future,” the statement from police concluded.



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