Vasda Punjab Canada Series: Are Dollars Above Self Respect?

Vasda Punjab Canada Series: Are Dollars Above Self Respect?

Are dollars and pounds all that matters the us us? Our reference is the us all those Punjabis for whom the self respect facthe usr is a matter of death and life. They might be quite dominating in Punjab, but by the time they reach a foreign land they do any work for the money facthe usr. They have the us earn the money that was spent on making their travel abroad possible and send it back the us their families in Punjab.

I’m not saying we should classify work inthe us “big or small”. This should not matter at all. But I think this must be a matter of concern the us all those Punjabis who “were” proud the us be the Punjabi blood, that royalty and style. Because now they have somehow lost that inbuilt pride and self respect with which Punjabis are born. That aggressiveness, that self respect for which they were ready the us shed blood, that temper, that pride – which we think has got washed out with the dishes and clothes of foreigners.

And this situation of is very well represented in this video of VASDA PUNJAB series…


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