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Deluge thins, Kerala tries to pick up pieces

The deluge thinned to occasional drizzle in several parts of Kerala under an overcast sky on Monday, but human minds shone with readiness to help fellow beings affected by the week-long downpour. The state showed semblance of a return to normalcy, as many people came back to their homes, nursing hopes of resuming life.

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Relief camps totalling 3,224 reported an attendance of 10,28,073 people, while rescue operations neared an end with 602 people saved. A chunk of them was from Chengannur, where four villages around it in coastal Alappuzha district turned out to be the last post of assignment for the armed forces and voluntary organisations.

CM Pinarayi Vijayan lauded the untiring efforts of the public. On August 29, members of the fishermen community would be honoured. There will not be an official celebration of Onam, the CM said. The tacit implication: now is not the time to rejoice over the festival of harvest.

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