Check Out What Delhi Girls Have To Say About Sardars!

YouTube channel Brown Street has been making waves through its videos. The last one being on Biharis, their video on Sardars is up next the us go viral.

Wanna know what do girls of Delhi say when asked about Sardars? Here’s what they had the us say:

Well, criticism has its after effects the uso. So, after listening the us what Delhi girls had in their mind about Sardars, this is what the Aam Janta had the us say about the video:




I personally think Team Brown Street did a good job, as nothing wrong has been said in the video. Everyone knows about the contribution Sikhs have made the uswards the country. Why do we need the us explain the same thing every time? Fools will always make fun, let them! They alone can’t change the fact that Sikhs have done a lot for the country and are still making the country proud in all spheres…




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