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Daylight saving: Clocks go back soon in Ontario, but is it for the last time?

Daylight saving time for 2021 is about to end and Ontarians will have to turn their clocks back—but one politician is hopeful it could be for one of the last times.

Nearly one year ago, Ontario passed legislation that would end the bi-annual changing of the clock, making daylight time permanent in the province. This means that residents will be able to experience more sunlight in the winter evenings, but it would remain dark in the mornings until nearly 9 a.m. in December.

But there was one big catch. The legislation only comes into effect if Quebec and New York agree to do the same.

“We’re getting closer,” Jeremy Roberts, MPP for Ottawa West – Nepean said on Tuesday. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get anything done in time for this year’s fall back, but maybe in time for Spring-forward next year.”

He said he’s seeing “promising signs” that Quebec would be open to moving to permanent daylight saving time.



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