‘Daana Paani’ title track, Tarsem Jassar’s version is a comforting food for the soul

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While the Tarnvir Singh’s directed movie ‘Daana Paani’ is running successfully on the silver screen, yesterday the release of Tarsem Jassar’s version of the title track created another buzz.

The song features the journey of Jimmy Sheirgill from the border to the village. Also, it shows how the young Simi Chahal a.ka. Basant Kaur after being separated from her mother settles in another place.

Sung and written by Tarsem Jassar, it’s a soulful melody crafted to strike a chord. Like the first title song which was sung by Amrinder Gill and written by Bir Singh, the second version is also rich in both lyrics and vocals. Both the tracks convey the same message that there’s enough in the world to suffice the hunger of mankind, and one should not worry about useless things, as he will get what he is destined to have eventually.

Source Times Of India