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Contempt of court by UP cops by detaining Zee TV anchor to prevent his arrest by Raipur police: Congress

New Delhi, July 5

AICC general secretary Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday accused the UP police of deliberately interfering with an ongoing investigation to shield an accused and had violated court orders by detaining Zee TV anchor Rohit Ranjan to prevent his arrest by Raipur cops.

“What is it that their political masters are afraid of being uncovered through an investigation? They have deployed state machinery to hide an individual accused of serious offences from a legitimate investigation. The warrant of arrest was issued by a competent court on an application made with the facts available in the public domain. Can the BJP claim that the courts are also politicised? If that is so, then why doesn’t the BJP, if they are so keen to protect the accused, approach the courts?” asked Jairam after Noida police detained Zee anchor Rohit Ranjan to prevent Raipur cops from arresting him.

Ramesh said this was “contempt of the court’s warrant by the UP police”.

He asked why doesn’t the BJP want purveyors of fake news and false reportage which can cause serious civil unrest to be held to account?

“The BJP has perfected the art of shielding the guilty by obstructing even legitimate statutory police investigation while hounding the innocent through the misuse of agencies. For the BJP to subordinate our institutions in the service of an individual accused of serious offences proves that for them the national interest is secondary to their political interests. To that we have only the following caution to offer: Satyamev Jayate,” Jairam said in a statement.



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