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Conservatives’ Erin O’Toole hitting turbulence after six months as party leader

The fight to win the leadership of his party could be nothing compared to what Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has ahead: keeping his party together as he tries to win over voters who haven’t voted for it recently.

Caucus morale is buoyed by this week’s House of Commons vote in favour of a motion declaring a genocide against Uighur Muslims in China.

But the Tories remain stuck behind the Liberals in the polls and the Liberal war room is revving up to keep them there.

The Tories’ hawkish view on China stands as a point of demarcation between O’Toole and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, so while the Tories lauded the vote Monday as a victory for human rights, it’s also one for them.

That Liberal MPs, but not cabinet, voted with the Tories on the motion underscores the point, O’Toole argued after the vote.



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