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Cong, its leaders change social media display pics to Nehru holding tricolour

New Delhi, August 3

The Congress and a host of its leaders, including Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, on Wednesday changed their social media display pictures to an image of India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru holding the national flag.

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several BJP leaders made the ‘tiranga’ their profile picture on social media platforms, Congress leaders and the party’s official handles put a photograph of Nehru with the tricolour as their display picture on Twitter and other social media platforms The image, likely photoshopped, was the same — a black and white photograph of Nehru looking at the flag, in colour, in his hand.

“Our tiranga is the pride of our country, the tiranga is in the heart of every Indian,” former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet as he changed the display picture of his social media accounts.

His colleague Jairam Ramesh took a dig at the prime minister, asking if the organisation that did not hoist the national flag at its headquarters in Nagpur for 52 years will comply with his message to make the ‘tiranga’ the profile picture of social media accounts.

“In the Lahore session of 1929, while hoisting the flag on the banks of river Ravi, Pandit Nehru said, ‘Once again you have to remember that this flag has now been hoisted. As long as there is a single Indian man, woman, child alive, the prestige of this tricolour should not be lowered,” Ramesh tweeted in Hindi.

“We are putting the DP of our leader Nehru with tricolour in hand. But it seems that the message of the Prime Minister did not reach his own family. Those who did not hoist the flag in their headquarters in Nagpur for 52 years, will they follow the Prime Minister’s message?” Ramesh said in an obvious reference to the RSS. He used the hashtag ‘MyTirangaMyPride’.

In a jibe at the BJP over the change in flag code to allow for polyester flags, Ramesh tagged a tweet with Nehru’s picture holding the flag and said, “and that is in Khadi”.



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