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Chhoti Jathani’s mystery plot deepens! Who is trying to abduct Savreen?

| 2nd August 2022 | Show Chhoti Jathani on Zee Punjabi has provided its viewers with high-quality content and exciting intrigues, making it a loved show in the Punjabi region. Savreen, the devrani character in the show has so far been seen portraying a negative character, which has made the show worth watching.

In light of the recent changes in events, we have learned that Savreen is being attacked regularly by an unidentified attacker, which has put the entire family in a difficult situation. Additionally, there was a fight between Zorawar and the attacker during the earlier attack. In today’s episode, Ajooni and Savreen plan to visit the trees planted in Jashan’s honor, but on the way, Savreen is once again abducted by an unidentified man.

Who could possibly want to harm Savreen? Why is he undertaking all of these attacks? Will Zorawar and Ajooni be able to learn the truth concerning Savreen? Keep watching Chhoti Jathani, which airs only on Zee Punjabi from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm, to learn the truth behind the show’s ongoing mysterious plot.



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