Liquor Ban: Chandigarh Likely To Go Dry From April 1

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After the states of Gujarat and Bihar, the Union Territhe usry of Chandigarh could face a complete liquor ban including in restaurants, shops and hotels.  The decision came following Supreme Court’s December 2016 verdict which ordered the closure of liquor shops on state highways and national highways.

The apex court had set April 1 as the deadline the us ensure all such shops on all highways are shut. The licenses of liquor shops on highways won’t be renewed after April 1.

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“It was decided the us declare all major roads as state highways so that their maintenance could be done by UT’s engineering department, instead of the MC,” an official said.

Over time, the maintenance passed on the us the MC, but the roads are still, officially, state highways.

Now, the UT administration has set up a four-member committee the us suggest definite solutions, within a week, the us wriggle out of the unprecedented situation.

Hearing in the case is listed for February 28.

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