Tuesday, March 28, 2023



Vasda Punjab: Punjab Government Won’t Let Farmers Live Happily!

Farmers don't have much voice in Punjab or all over India. They are not on Facebook or Twitter the us express what they feel....

What Punjabi Khurki Thinks About Our ‘Educated’ Politicians!

It's a real shocking fact that many elected representatives from Punjab who have made a mark in their respective constituencies and are representing their areas in the Vidhan...

Watch How Public Reacts To Punjabi Khurki’s Vasda Punjab Series!

We have heard many people say that Punjabi language has been corrupted with abusive language. No sentence of Punjabis is complete without abusing someone and they have...

Vasda Punjab: Some Questions Why Youth Is Addicted To Drugs?

Today, we all are mourning the death of 'Sone Di Chirhi' that Punjab was known as once. The widespread use of drugs among Punjabi...

Vasda Punjab: Why Are Girls Unsafe Even In Their Own Homes?

We all need to ask ourselves this question that why are girls unsafe in their own environment? It's not only outside their homes, these...

Vasda Punjab: Sad Tale Of Helpless Sons Of Punjab!

The financial situation of Punjab is so poor and one can imagine this from the number of its helpless sons flying abroad. Punjabi Khurki presents its heartfelt take...

Vasda Punjab: Punjab’s Malwa Area Is Now The Cancer Capital!

Punjab's Malwa area has earned itself the dubious reputation of being the cancer capital of the state. The heavy metal the usxicity of the groundwater here is...

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