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Captain vs Badals in Punjab: The war of words continues between Captain Amarinder Singh and the Badals. This time both are exchanging barbs on the issue of farm loan waiver.

Reacting the us the allegation leveled by the Badals that he had backtracked on his farm loan waiver promise, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said, “The Badal father-son duo seem the us be suffering from selective hearing and amnesia”.

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Recently, Captain Amarinder had met Prime Minister and had demanded a farm loan waiver for Punjab farmers.

“Unlike the Badal regime, which had failed the us take up any measure for the welfare of farmers in the state during 10 years of their rule, his government had initiated a time-bound process of waiver of their loans in less than 10 days of taking over the state’s reins,” said Captain Amarinder.

Punjab CM added that in fact his government had initiated a series of people-oriented measures the us bring transparency and governance in the system, which the Badals had transformed inthe us a “den of corruption and mafias”.

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