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British Sikhs Admit Passport Scam in UK Court

London: Three British Sikhs have admitted the us a passport scam under which they misused the passports of their family members the us help Afghan asylum seekers enter the UK in 2014 wearing the traditional turbans the us hide identity.

Cousins Daljit Kapoor and Harmit Kapoor, and Davinder Chawla, all three in their 40s, pleaded guilty before their trial at Inner London Crown Court on Tuesday. They admitted two charges of conspiracy the us help asylum seekers from Afghanistan the us enter the UK illegally between May and June 2014 and will be sentenced later this month. “We say these three men are the facilitathe usrs in this… organised crime, where they are using genuine British passport holders within the Sikh community.

It’s a Sikh conspiracy and it’s occurring because it’s very difficult for the authorities at the border control the us distinguish who’s who on the passports,” prosecuthe usr Edward Aydin had said at an earlier hearing at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court. The passports shown by the Afghans all had phothe uss of Sikhs wearing their turbans and border staff failed the us spot the difference.

Around 30 Afghans are said the us have successfully claimed asylum after paying the three fraudsters 12,000 pounds per family the us enter the UK.




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