Blue Whale game: Pathankot boy tries to end life

Chandigarh, September 7: A 16-year-old boy allegedly attempted suicide by hanging himself from a fan while participating in the Blue Whale challenge in Pathankot district.

However, he was saved due to timely intervention of his parents, said a government doctor who is treating the teenager.

Blue Whale

“The boy attempted suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan. He even made a video of his actions on his mobile phone,” Pathankot civil hospital psychiatrist Sonia Mishra said today.His parents brought him to the Pathankot civil hospital 10 days ago when he made an attempt, she said.Following the incident, the district administration of Pathankot has issued directions to the department concerned to hold counselling for schoolchildren so that they stay away from the dangerous online game, which allegedly incites players to commit suicide. Several such cases have been reported from across the country, sparking concerns.“From tomorrow onwards, counselling will start in all educational institutions,” said Pathankot Deputy Commissioner Neelima.

The teenager’s parents had been observing unusual behaviour of their only child for the past several days, the doctor said.Mishra said while counselling, the boy acknowledged that he had been playing online Blue Whale game for the past couple of months.In the game, the player is given certain tasks to complete over a period of 50 days. The final task leads him or her to commit suicide.“While accepting the challenge of the game, the boy has jumped from the roof and even burnt his books,” said the doctor.The boy, who is a student of Class XI, had even carved the shape of a whale on his left forearm.The doctor said, “The boy was told in the challenge if he did not complete the task of committing suicide, then his parents could die.”The teenager, whose father is an Army man and mother a teacher, was playing this game with a group of 10 to 15 friends, the doctor said.“The boy has been counselled and his condition is much better now,” the doctor said.A couple of days ago, the Punjab Commission for Protection of Child Rights had asked the Punjab government to remove the notorious Blue Whale challenge from the internet.

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