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Blessings Of Bebe by Gagan Kokri will make you think of your mother…

Blessings of Baapu, Blessings of Rabb and now its the time for Blessings Of Bebe by Gagan Kokri…because your mother is the only person who will always try to sort you out, whatever the situation may be.

The heart & love of mother is so deep and selfless that everybody do feel when it comes to one’s own mother. The bond of mother & child is so special and it remains like that even after ages…

This song Blessings Of Bebe featuring Gagan Kokri as son and Anita Devgan as mother is very emotional like this relationship. In fact Gagan Kokri has not only sung it but has also felt it… Laddi Gill has given the musical beats to the lyrics written by Jaggi Jagowal. Video directed by Manav Shah…this song has been released under the lable of Saga Music Pvt Ltd…

And do let us know about about your bond with your mother in the comment section….




Amrita Garg
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