Badals to pay price for their sins against Punjab: CM

Baghapurana (Moga), November 25: Asserting that Badal family had ruthlessly plundered the state, Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi today said that Badals will have to pay for their sins against the state and its people.

Addressing a gathering here at local grain market, the Chief Minister, accompanied by President of Punjab Congress Navjot Singh Sidhu, said that Badals had a hand in each and every misdeed against Punjab. He said that cable mafia, drug mafia, sand mafia, transport mafia and others, all thrived under the misrule of Badals adding that this mafia looted the wealth of Punjab. CM Channi said that the patronage of Badals to all these mafias ruined the state but now they have to pay back for their sins adding that the day is not too far.

The Chief Minister said that now when they have started crack down on mafia patronised by Badals they are running pillar to post for saving them. However, he said that the sins of Badals are unpardonable and they will be made accountable for their acts of omission and commission. CM Channi said that ED action against cable mafia owned by Badals is a welcome but a delayed decision.

The Chief Minister while making a scathing attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that this ‘rumour monger’ politician has a desire to rule Punjab due to which he is bent upon to mislead Punjabis. He unequivocally said that Kejriwal and company must remember one thing that history is witness to the fact that Punjabis love their land and people adding that neither they had ever allowed nor they will permit any outsider in future to rule their state. CM Channi said that Delhi model is non-existent whereas Punjab model of Congress is delivering its best to people.

While quipping on Kejriwal, the Chief Minister said that he is not even aware of the basic topography to state. Throwing a challenge to Delhi Chief Minister, he asked him to differentiate between ‘Gulli Danda’ and ‘Bandar Killa’ the two traditional games of state. CM Channi categorically said that dream of Kejriwal and company to loot Punjab will never realise.

The Chief Minister, while striking an emotional chord with the people, said that he hails from a common family so he understands their problem well. He said that every step of his government aims at well being of the common man. CM Channi said that government is of the common man, for the common man and by common man.

The Chief Minister reiterated that an elite and unholy nexus of politicians across party line had excluded power from common man just to loot Punjab. He said that the members of this elite group have a common bond in form of their own vested interests and loot of the state adding that they have been ill fully doing this so by enjoying the fruits of power in game of musical chairs where the ruler changes after every five years but power remains in their hands. However, CM Channi said that now this nexus has been broken and the power is with the common man.H




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