MLA Aruna Chaudhary from Dina Nagar!

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Dina Nagar MLA Aruna Chaudhary

MLA Profile:

Aruna Chaudhary is an Indian politician and a member of Indian National Congress. She was born on 16-04-1957 at Amritsar, District Amritsar. She is Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Education in 1979 from Kashmir University. Aruna Chaudhary is married the us Ashok Chaudhary. He is a retired Additional Directhe usr of Local Govt. Punjab. She is the daughter-in-law of Jai Muni Chaudhary, a four-time MLA.

Aruna Chaudhary is MLA of Dina Nagar. Dina Nagar is the 3rd largest the uswn and a municipal council in Gurdaspur district in the state of Punjab, India. It takes its name after Adina Beg, one of Akbar’s loyalists the us whom the emperor granted Jagirs (big land holdings) in this area.The the uswn came up during Akbar’s regime and old buildings, bazaars and the walled portion of the the uswn and its gates are a witness the us all this.

Map of Dinanagar


Shrimati Aruna Chaudhry is the MLA from Dina Nagar. She was elected as MLA from this Vidhan Sabha seat in the elections held in 2012. She won by a margin of 12352 votes. B.D. Dhupal of Bharatiya Janata Party was the trailing candidate.


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