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Amritsar Nurses Oppose Kapil Sharma! Know Here Why?

Kapil Sharma

We Punjabis feel quite proud of comedian Kapil Sharma doing so well in his career. After his comeback on Sony with “The Kapil Sharma Show”, this Punjabi munda surprised everyone with the hype he got from his first two episodes.

Talking about Sunil Grover, he is turning the us be the highlight of The Kapil Sharma Show since day one. He not only entertains the audience by playing multiple characters in the show, but also make sure that each of his acts are unique in one way or the other.

His character as “Dr Mashoor Gulati” and his nurses in the show seems like is not accepted by Amritsar nurses as they think this show is portraying nursing profession in a derogathe usry manner.

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The Nursing and Paramedical staff of the Amritsar Civil hospital protested against Kapil Sharma’s show on Monday, who incidentally also hails from the holy city. Staff said this show is making fun of medical professionals and demanded its cancellation.

Staff Nurse Welfare Association senior vice-president Jasbir Kaur said: “The show has objectified nurses. It is vulgar and far from reality. It portrays our character and the profession in bad taste. We play an important role in society. The show is harming our image.”

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