Myths Busted, Amazing Sex Facts You Should Know!

amazing sex facts
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Sex is an interesting topic, ever wonder what could be some of the most amazing facts that about it that not everyone is aware of? Well, Khurki set out to do just that, here is an interesting list of some of the most weird and amazing facts related to sex.

The orgasm in a woman was designed to make her pregnant

The pulsating movement helps the sperm in travelling inside the uterus.


In the human mouth, you will find 500 types of different bacteria

Yes that’s true but don’t’ think about this while you kiss..!!

Most straight men are watching transgender porn on the internet


The left testicle is always bigger than the right one

You can check with the men, if you think we are lying.

Female penguins are known to act as prostitutes

They give sexual favours to the men in exchange for pebbles for their nest.

Almost three-fourth of men and women think about other people when making love, sorry having sex

Old people have a lot more sex than youngsters

A 70 year old man can actually make a woman pregnant.

When a women is ovulating, she is most prone to cheat

Sperm level counts have dropped to half in this century

Sex toys have been banned in Mississippi and Alabama

Women get turned on by watching chimpanzee porn

At least four popes were caught dead in bed, making out

But 262 others weren’t!

They say gay men have relatively bigger penises than straight men