AIIMS doctor risks life, takes off safety gear to help Covid-19 patient

A resident resident doctor at New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Zahid Abdul Majeed, risked his own life to save a coronavirus COVID-19 patient who was brought to the trauma centre of the hospital on May 7.

Dr. Zahid works at the critical care division of AIIMS and he removed remove his PPE (goggles and face-shield) in order to re-intubate the patient and save his life.

When the patient was shifted from ambulance to the trauma centre, the oxygen pipe of the patient came out and it was necessary to re-intubate the patient without wasting anytime.

Dr Zahid was wearing PPE kit with the protective goggle but he was finding it difficult to re-intubate the patient wearing the protective goggle so Dr Zahid decided to remove the protective goggle in order re-intubate the patient without wasting amytime. This was a risky move as it exposed Dr Zahid to coronavirus infection but the doctor said that he did this only to save the life of the coronavirus patient.

According to World Health Organisation, intubation and the steps leading up to it are some of the very risky moments for spread of COVID-19 to doctor and other healthcare workers.