40K drivers lose licence over Class 8-pass norm

Gurugram, November 17: Over 40,000 commercial vehicle drivers from Nuh district in Haryana have lost their livelihood in the past two years as the transport authorities have refused to renew their driving licences because they could not produce their Class 8 certificates, as mandated under the law.

Nuh, which has the lowest literacy rate in the state, has over 70,000 persons working as drivers of commercial vehicles. Those affected have given a representation to the government, but to no avail.

The provision of Class 8 as the essential qualification for drivers of commercial vehicles was already there in the Motor Vehicles Act, but was not being implemented strictly. With the district transport authorities going strict, these drivers have been rendered jobless as majority of them are illiterates or school dropouts after Class 5.

“I have been driving a truck for the past 30 years and have never been to school. I used to get my licence renewed at Gurugram as Nuh was in Gurugram district earlier, but now it is a separate district so we have to get it renewed or made here and they ask us to bring our Class 8 certificate. I have a family of eight to support and have been sitting home for the past seven months,” said Mushtaq Khan.

The practice of not renewing licences of commercial vehicle drivers on non-production of Class 8 certificates began in 2016. Those affected have approached almost all ministers and public representatives, but to no avail. Now they have approached the Chief Minister.

“I am in touch with the CM over this issue and I am hopeful that something positive will come out,” said local MLA Zakir Hussain.

Source Tribune India