2 women join as conductors in Sirsa, have big dreams

Chandigarh, October 31: Two educated women have joined as ticket conductors at the Sirsa roadways depot on an ad hoc basis, soon after the Haryana government asked for applications for the post of drivers and conductors.

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Both have been deployed on a local route and will work around five hours a day.

On Monday, Shefali Rani, 26, one of the conductors, who has completed her JBT (a teacher training course) and is also pursuing her Master’s in Public Administration joined her duty and is happy to have got the job.

“Even I have only seen men working as conductors and drivers. I decided to fill the form according to the government notification for providing jobs under the outsourcing scheme. I was selected,” Shefali says.

“I want to become an IAS. No job is big or small, what is required is only dedication. I am dedicated to my job. From my salary, I will buy books,” Shefali adds with a sense of pride.

Roadways General Manager (GM) KR Kaushal said, “With the strike on for two weeks, the Haryana government decided to recruit employees under the outsourcing scheme. Two women candidates have been selected. One of them is Shefali, who got the Sirsa-Kagdana routes; Nirmala Devi has got the Sirsa-Ellenabad route. They were given special training and we have told them to contact my office directly in case of a problem.”

The second woman conductor is Nirmala Devi, 29, who joined on Saturday. She said, “As soon as I came to know about the government policy, I filled the form. This will reduce the financial and problems I have been facing.” She added, “I have a three-month old child. My husband also helped me out and finally I am now a conductor on the Sirsa-Ellenabad route,”she added.

Source Hindustan Times