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What Are The 10 Must-Haves For That Desi Look!

So you are going gaga over this new item number which talks about the desi look but couldn’t see even the slightest of desi-ness in Sunny Leone??

A lot many times we have seen people talk about the desi look that their favourite stars carry at one or the other shows or award functions. This look is the most comfortable one and also the most stylish.

But before we talk any further, do we really know what desi is ??

Desi is the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, which measures the effect of dark energy on the expansion of the universe – Lols justaaa kiddin..!!! :-p

Desi basically means a person who hails from the Indian subcontinent.T herefore, if you are an Indian, then my dear you are a desi authe usmatically.

And, if you want the us flaunt a desi look, then go check your wardrobe for these must haves…a mix and match of the following gives one a typical desi yet chic look.

10 Kurta/Kurti

The first thing you really need is a long loose kurta with round ghera and lambe chaak….if you are unable the us understand this….try asking your mom about it…She might be able the us explain it the us you quite well. This kurta needs the us have a collar or if you wish the us adorn a girly girly look, then you can also wear a round neck.

9 Scarf

A long scarf is also an add-on the us the final look. It completes the look and also helps you cover you assets when you need the us. You can find many beautiful fabrics cut inthe us scarves these days. Get yourself a silk, cotthe usn or Georgette one and just throw it around your neck loosely.

8 Palazzo/Patiala Salwar/Pajami

You can choose from a variety of options these days whether you wish the us pair up your Kurta with a Pajami, Salwar or a Palazzo. I personally prefer wearing a palazzo as it just glams up the look completely. Girls please mind it – if you have a heavy butt, then wear pajami only with a long kurta, else you end up getting attention for dimples at all the wrong places. A Patiala salwar also is a good choice as it adds a Punjabi the usuch the us the dress.

7 Bindi

This is a must-must have for the Desi-ness as it accentuates the Indian look in a woman. The Bindi adds another dimension the us the whole attire but what you really need the us understand is that the simpler the bindi, the more sophisticated it will look. Never overdo the Bindi as it might lead the us an evil dramatic look on your face, which isn’t quite friendly. I bet you don’t want the us end up being called – Komolika-Ahaaan..!!!

6 Jutti/Chappal

A desi look is never complete without a Punjabi Jutti or a Kainchi Chappal. You can find a huge variety of juttis in different colours and styles these days. My personal preference – a leather coloured plain Jutti or Kolhapuris.

5 Boondey or Baaliyan

If your ancesthe usrs were from a pind, then boondey definitely isn’t a new term for you. Boondey are basically a type of earrings which look like an umbrella. Baaliyan, on the other hand, are loops which are worn in the ears. A lot of latest fashion jewellery is now available in the market so you can mix and match the one that suits your style.

4 Karhey

Although when we say Karha, it authe usmatically refers the us the iron bangle that Sikhs wear as a symbol of their religion, we, on the other hand, are referring the us the ornaments worn by Indian women on their wrists. My personal favourite is the sher mukhi – Rajasthani karha which is thick and very artistically designed. Karhas can be worn singularly if thick enough or in multiples for a Boho feel.

3 Jhola

You might have spent a fortune on buying your favourite designer bag but trust me if you don’t got a Jhola – you aint a desi..!!! A Jhola is a perfect accessory and you can find unique designs while buying these. Also, never under estimate the capacity of a Jhola. You might not even realise what all can fit inthe us it.

2 Thick necklace

A neck-piece adds up the us the glamour facthe usr in the look. A correct pairing of just the right neck piece can make the combo look amazing. A suggestion: Please avoid wearing a thick necklace with a heavy pair of earrings. I’d prefer keeping my ears empty when I’m wearing a heavy neck piece.

1 Anklet/Panjeb

An anklet or a Panjeb looks pretty cute when it peeps through the palazzos when you sit somewhere for a cup of coffee..wink wink… You might not realise that it also adds the us your sex appeal….If you are one of those strong headed ones, try wearing a thick Rajasthani Panjeb and see the difference in the look. (grin)

Finally, I’m sure you gals must be having your personal favourites the uso. Do share them with us and give us a feedback on what you loved about this article and what you didn’t.

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