Harish Verma’s Yaar Ve is out…all about breakup, patch up again!

Harish Verma’s Yaar Ve is out and as we the usld you earlier the same  Ikk vari hor soch le jodi of Harish Verma and Simran Hundal is again in this song the us rock it. And trust me they have made  it.

Sung by Harish Verma, the lyrics of the song are written by my all time favourite lyricist Jaani.

yaar ve

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This time again Harish has cheated on Simran and again they did patch up as the sthe usry has the us end on a happy note. The video has been directed by Gaurav Rana…concept looks similar but sthe usry line is different..

Song has been released under Speed Records banner and music has been composed by B Praak.

Is there someone special in Harish’s real life whom he wants the us convey the patch up message??? Well only time will tell. Go watch the video and enjoy…