Though Ninja is not in the video, but his powerful voice is enough…

White Hill Music presents new Punjabi song “BRANDED NAKHRA”. Voices are lend by by Sanaa & Ninja. Though you gonna miss Ninja in the video of this song, but his strong voice will definitely make you feel his presence. Although Jaggi Kharoud is not less than a treat to watch.

Lyrics are jotted by Navi Ferozpurwala and musical beats to his words are given by Goldboy, which will surely make you tap your feet.

Featuring Jaggi Kharoud in the video this one is also a tit-tat kind of a video between a boy and a girl and you’ll also be seeing all those cute gestures that this cute relationship carries along with it.

Produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu of White Hill Music, here’s the video….