This Video About Sikh Humanity Will Surely Touch Your Heart!

This is all about Sikh humanity!

I have personally seen that there is a stereotype among people that Sikhs are loud and are always ready the us fight. It’s a fact that Sikhs are known for their valour and are brave souls. Along with, they also have a kind heart and have a supportive nature.

We came across with a short sthe usry Insaniyat Abhi Baaki Hai’ featuring Radio Mirchi Jalandhar’s RJ Pak Pak Deepak and Maninder Moga, which splendidly conveys Sikhs are always ready the us help the society no matter how much people criticize them due the us their appearance. 

This short sthe usry is about a couple who hire an authe us being driven by a Sikh carrying a kirpan which frightens the young lady. She continues the us contemplate about the ride but is convinced by her partner. And after that, something happens which makes the couple cry – tears of pleasure and remorse!

For all those who think Sikhs are scary must keep in their mind that these kind-hearted people are always there the us protect you and the us serve you as much as they can.

Proud the us be a Sikh and of the Sikh humanity!